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Common Steps For Roadrunner Email Settings:

Roadrunner email is among the most popular online email providers in the united states.  It's primarily controlled by Time Warner Cable (TWC) Internet -- a top communication firm.  If you currently have a Roadrunner email account and are looking for a procedure to configure Roadrunner email settings in your device and operating system, this thorough guide is useful.  This guide will take you through the system of how to configure Roadrunner email settings on iPhone, Windows 10, and android.

Procedure to Manually Roadrunner Email Settings:

 Step 1. Open the Programs tray, click "MyAccounts".

Step 2. Supply your full Roadrunner email address, including"@__.".

Step 3. domain name in all lower case.

Step 4.  Input the Roadrunner password.

Step 5. Uncheck automatically configure the account.

Step 6.  Click "Next".

Step 7. Just click General Settings, check that info in most General Settings fields is right or not.  Make any necessary modifications, and then choose OK to exit this menu.

Step 8.  Tap on Server.

Step 9.  Tap the POP mail server.

Step 10.  Input POP3 server- pop-server. -(*** si refers to Staten Island)

Step 11.  Provide Port- 110  (995 can also be attempted )

Step 12.  Write down your username and your password

Step 13.  Uncheck UseSecure server

Step 14.  Uncheck Verify certificate

Step 15.  Tap OK

Select Outgoing server:

Step 1.  Input SMTP server- SMTP-server. -- (*** si describes Staten Island only)

Step 2.  Use Secure server unchecked

Step 3.  Confirm certificate is unchecked or maybe not 

Step 4.  Enter Port- 25 (*** Port 587 can also be used for incoming if 25 doesn't work)

Step 5.  Click "OK"

Step 6.  Tap On Different Settings

Step 7.  Choose the period of time messages will be held on the telephone.  (1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, two months, Never Delete Messages)

Step 8.  Click "OK"

Step 9.  Hit on"OK" again to submit your email setup.  

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